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Calvert’s Glen is a subdivision of 84 single-family homes located in Potomac Falls (Sterling), Virginia. The Calvert’s Glen Homeowners Association (CGHOA) is the governing body of the community.

History of the Entrance Lot

Last September, longtime resident Connie Jenkins generously took time to write a history of the HOA’s front lot, which also touches on many other parts of our HOA’s history. The history is available here on Google Docs.

Here is the introductory paragraph:

“Calvert’s Glen was developed and built by a man named Calvert. I was informed by the sales manager of the community (a Robert Brace) when we purchased our home at 249 Markwood Drive in 1986, that Mr. Calvert had purchased this land following the bankruptcy of the developer of ENVIRONS. Environs was so named as all this area was named Environs before any development took place in what later became three (3) communities instead of just one. This area includes Calvert’s Glen, Environs, and Glen Heather. Environs is a section of homes sandwiched between Glen Heather and Calvert’s Glen, and because Environs was not completed by the original builder, no HOA was ever established for these homes. This is also why Calvert’s Glen consists only of 84 homes.”


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